Monday, 28 March 2016

You won’t believe someone came out of this mangled car alive (photos)

It’s hard to believe but yeah, the man who was in this car at the time of the accident came out alive with no cuts, no scratches, no burns, nothing happened to him. Entrepreneur, Tiwa Works, shared the photos of his mangled Panerama 4 after he was involved in an accident. He was trying to avoid hitting a possum when he ended up hitting the front of a median that tore his car. Read his miraculous survival below;

Life is so delicate and precious. Please don't ever take it for granted no matter what. Even when we tend to forget how mortal we are as we go through life day to day.

I've been off social media for over a week now just to have personal time to reflect on a lot of things. A week ago, I was involved in this terrible car accident that I am so grateful to God for as I walked out of this completely unharmed. No cuts, no scratches, no burns, nothing happened to me.

I was on my way home when I tried to avoid hitting a possum (I know now.. Should have ran his ass over) but I ended up hitting the front of a median that tore up my car which then caught fire in less than 10 minutes. As you see, nothing was left except for a part of the hood that didn't burn. The firefighters couldn't even put the flames out until 30 minutes later as it burnt continuously due to the full tank of premium gas and as you can see, everything burnt to a crisp, even the doors. The police officers, EMs , people who stopped and tow truck driver were in such shock that I walked out of this myself and was not hurt at all.
I've had many life moments but this one has truly been the scariest but at the same time the most amazing to have been able to walk out on my own free will. Thank you God for always protecting me and affirming that I'm here for a greater purpose that is yet to be fulfilled.

To friends that may have issues with me for whatever reasons that I'm unaware of, I'm sorry. Please forgive me if I offended or hurt you. Call me, DM or message me.
Thanks to those who found out , called me to constantly check on me. I love you and truly appreciate you more than you know!! To those I didn't tell, please don't be upset with me, I didn't want you to be worried about me and have a fit. Happy Easter everyone. Love more and be at peace. Never ever take life for granted. #Tiwaworks#Livelife#ThankyouGod#Panamera4

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