Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Ciara and Future has settled their $20m lawsuit

Last month, R&B singer Ciara sued Future for $20M, claiming that her former fiance was defaming her on Twitter. It seems the duo has finally settled their differences. According to mediatakeout, Ciara agreed to drop the lawsuit after Future agreed to sign a non-disclosure agreement. See their report below;

… just learned that Ciara and Future have SETTLED THEIR DIFFERENCES - and Ciara is expected to DROP the lawsuit as early as THIS WEEK.
According to a person CLOSE to the situation, Ciara agreed to drop the lawsuit because Future agreed to sign a NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT. Under the agreement, Future agrees to NOT mention Ciara, Russell Wilson, or their relationship in a disparaging way.
On Future's side, Future's lawyers agreed that Future has a SET child custody schedule - which should make it CLEAR when the rapper has access to his son.
We're told that both Future and Ciara are now amicable, and are working towards moving along with their lives, while co-parenting.

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