Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Women are the architect of their own misery-Caroline Danjuma

Actress and makeup guru, Caroline Danjuma, took to her IG page to explain why men seem to be dominating in all spheres. She blames it on the women not supporting their fellow women. For this one, I concur, lol…

Women are the architects of their own misery. There will never be equal rights for women in employment, political positions, social ,educationAl and cultural sectors. Women are their own worst enemy , extremely judgemental of one another, envious and hardly supportive of one another. The men will always be dominant in all aspects ,until women learn to stop criticising and condemning each other they will never get to the top. Most of the most successful women in the world are 95% criticised and abused by WOMEN. I wonder the day we will have female governors and a female president , I am certainly sure women will vote her out. Only a woman with a low self esteem will judge another woman just to make herself feel good. A Queen supports and praises a Queen. Women will NEVER get what they truly deserve in this world unless they unite in love .#stopthehatesisters.

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