Monday, 22 February 2016

Photos: Adorable moment a 106-year-old woman met Obama for the first time

Obama grabs Virginia’s hand to join the groove session, asking her ‘What’s the secret to still dancing at 106?’

This is the adorable moment a 106-year-old woman,  who has been yearning to meet President Obama finally gets to meet him for the first time at the white house. Virginia McLaurin posted a video on YouTube telling Obama how much she'd love to meet him and his family and on Sunday her dream finally came true.   Virginia who could not hold her excitement broke into dancing.

Virginia's White House visit comes a year after a petition was launched to help get her an invite. See more photos below;

The minute Virginia McLaurin sees Obama as she walks into the White House she yells 'Hi!' to the president  as he comes over and takes her hands

Virginia then gives Michelle a hug as the First Lady tells her 'I wanna be like you when I grow up' 

‘Just keep movin’ she says as Michelle continues to dance with her before complimenting her manicure 

Virginia continues to dance in the middle of the couple, letting out a ‘Wooo!’ as they take some pictures

Virginia then tells Obama she is so happy she got to see a black man become president 

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