Sunday, 14 February 2016

Man whose Ikoyi home was gutted by fire shares photos

Emeka Ugwuonye took to his facebook page to share photos of his Ikoyi home which was gutted by fire on Friday February 12. Thankfully his housekeeper was home to alert security personel to quell the fire before it could spread to other parts of the house. More photos below; 

Emeka wrote;
Apparently, the housekeeper was working in another part of the house when she noticed smoke, and then fire, in the dinning area. She alerted the security staff immediately. Before anything could be done about it, the fire consumed the entire dining area, burning the curtains, the AC units, etc. All hands on deck, they were able to put out the fire before it could engulf the entire house.
I was in the office when the news came to me. I did not panic. I was satisfied that nobody was hurt…
I still don't know how the fire began. I have wondered if it was an electrical accident or a deliberate human play. In a situation like this, one's mind goes everywhere. If there is any group that would really want me dead today, the number 1 on the list would be the human traffickers and their agents in Nigeria. But everybody knew I would not be at home at that time of the day. So, anybody that wanted to harm me physically would have gone where I was supposed to be, not my house. So, I still cannot tell exactly what happened. In fact, I am yet to see the state of my house outside the pictures posted below.
Arrangements have been made for me to move into a hotel tonight, while repairs would start this weekend. I will try not to allow this to spoil my mood, and it should not spoil yours. So, I have spoken to the manager of the hotel where I am checking in tonight. I asked for a couple of Dom Perignon to chill and I am looking forward to late lobster dinner.
I am determined to make it a great weekend, nonetheless. And do everything you can to enjoy yours. Cheers
(The pictures here are pictures taken by my PA after the fire incident).

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