Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Georgina Onuoha rubbishes fan who tried to poke-nose into her family

What you get when you don’t learn to mind ya own business. The fan went to the page of former actress Georgina Onuoha and commented that she saw her estranged husband with someone last week. You know our celebs are out for haters this 2016. The mother of 2 came down hard on the poke -nosing fan. See her epic reply below;

“Another face of hate. You come on my page to air your folly. I don't understand why women do this to each other. You are there praying to God to listen to your silent prayers , yet you engage yourself with other people's problem. God does not answer such.

You can sit behind your computer and spew hate for someone you don't even know.. It speaks volume to your character@jacyntambachu .
Go get busy, get a job and some happiness . Actually you can have my ex if you are that concern about him. But you know what? He won't even hire you as a steward.. Want to know why? You don't meet the criteria .. He is a fine man and goes only for the best. So peace Felicia! Bye girl 
At least before you insult me on my page there are criterias to be met ;
1: you must be prettier than I am . I mean physically and character wise

2: Achieve one third of what I have achieved in my short life

3: You must at least achieve fame and fortune on your own terms not transferred name or wealth by parents

4: At least a masters degree with a first class 
5: You must be married for the past 10 years with children to show for it and scars to show for it as well

If you do not meet all this before coming on my wall to talk about my family.. Then you must be a lunatic.”

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  1. all dis fans self waiting concern una with der family