Saturday, 27 February 2016

Biko, what’s this fight between PDP New Media Director, Adeyanju Deji & Mr. Olusegun?

I’m still trying to understand the ongoing war between the Director, Director, New Media of the Peoples Democratic Party, Adeyanju Deji, and one Mr.  Olusegun. It’s been trending on twitter in the last 24 hours. As at last night, the two men met at Sofa Lounge so  they can settle their scores face to face.

Olusegun claims Mr. Deji arrived the lounge with some thugs who were bearing weapons ranging from knives, cutlass, etc… but Deji has since denied it. Deji says he never laid a finger on Olusegun. I think the fight actually started on twitter before moving over Sofa Lounge last night. Read their tweets below;

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