Sunday, 14 February 2016

Aww: See how this man spent his valentine (photos)

His name is Chinonso Obiagwu. To celebrate Val today, he went to the streets to give food to the destitute. He says that is better that ‘looking for a Confused girl to give belle...” Lol. More photos below; 

 Chinonso Obiagwu wrote;
I woke up in the morning thinking... HOW DO I CELEBRATE THIS DAY, THE VALENTINE DAY? and then I decided that I was going to Cook for the Destitute. I got out of my Bed, Went to the Market, Bought Food items and Prepared the Most Delicious meal ever Tasted in the whole of Mankind, After That, I went out to Deliver The Food Items myself.

I wish you could feel the Kind of PEACE and overwhelming feeling of LOVE that i felt and still Feeling after this exercise. I think this is the best way to celebrate the day. and not looking for a Confused girl to give belle... tongue emoticon”


  1. wow thanks u Doris dear today is my bday

  2. Happy birthday sweetheart. Many more and prosperous years to you