Monday, 22 February 2016

Ali Baba writes on how social media has influenced growth of the fashion industry

Ace comedian, Ali Baba, writes on how the social media has helped growth of the fashion industry. Read below;

The fashion industry has never had it so good. From the days of Dakova, sofisticat, vivid imagination, Maufechi, Kese Jabari, Jimi King, Bunor... All these guys never had the kind of push that the fashion industry players are getting these days. One of the greatest Driver's is Instagram. For a celebrity who is always out there, it's fashion suicide to repeat an outfit that has been worn on a Red carpet, or any color for that matter or anywhere SEF.

Carpet or rug. Don't matter. If you repeat it and they catch you, forget the fashion police... It's those agberos that hide behind anonymous, who post their comments on blog postings that will eat you raw. It does not matter that the person posting the nasty comment "Na only this clothes you get?" "Abi you don broke", has only one pair of jeans and some tops that have a weekly roster. Noooooo. It doesn't even matter even if the person had in another comment asked what all these celebrities do with the monies they earn. It does not matter SEF if you have other responsibilities. They want to see you dressed up in a new outfit every day. Or else you will be on a blog being skinned and undressed as the worst dressed celeb before you can say holllup! Ok, look at the fine tuxedo by@maiatafo that I wore to #senatoritagiwaat70 and to #funnyboneuntamed... That cloth own don finish. Done. I now have to give it out. Because the unique design and fabric, means that the outfit is cast! It has to be given out. Don't even think of keeping it to be worn in another 4 months. There are some people waiting to post the pictures side by side and ask if you bought another one because you liked it so much or if it was the same one. Now you know who benefits from all of these#WearAndThroway situations. Fashion industry players!!! And the clothes no dey cheap. Did you see the awesome outfit @iniedo wore to #senatoritagiwaat70, I heard some two ladies saying "that is an expensive and beautiful number"... No matter the prize, I dare her to wear it again after 1 year. You will hear comments. Even if another person wears it, they will post them side by side, with a caption "who wore it better?" How e take consign u? I tayaaaaaa!

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