Monday, 22 February 2016

68-year-old Sweden woman calls out his 28-year-old Ugadan husband Guvnor Ace. Says he has abandoned her for a younger lover

 I am trying to comprehend what she is trying to say, her grammar is a bit confusing. Let me try my best…lol. Monalisa, the 68-year-old Sweden grandma who got married to a 28-year-old Ugandan singer Guvnor Ace, just found out that her husband only used her to get into Europe. She said her husband actually planned with his Ugandan girlfriend who is based in Norway to get married to her so that he will be able to get to Europe.

According to her post, Guvnor Ace asked her to go to shopping but before she will return, he has moved his things to go stay with his real girlfriend.  She also said that the 28-year-old singer claims he left because she could not bear him children.) So all this his facebook love was abracadra? Lol. Poor woman. See her second post below; 

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