Saturday, 9 January 2016

Jihadi gunmen waving ISIS flog are shot dead after storming hotel and opening fire on tourists in Red Sea resort

Jihadis armed with a gun, knives and a suicide belt have wounded 3  tourists at the entrance of a hotel in an Egyptian Red Sea resort. Security forces said the attackers arrived by sea to launch the onslaught on the beachside Bella Vista Hotel, in the Red Sea resort of Hurghada. One of the attackers, a 21-year-old student from the Cairo neighbourhood of Giza  wearing a suicide bomb was shot dead while his accomplice armed with a knife was seriously wounded.

The attackers were reportedly carrying black flags commonly used by ISIS.The video, which was posted to Facebook and picked up by Egyptian media allegedly shows the wounded attacker being questioned while lying bloody and bandaged on the floor.

He is filmed wearing only his boxers and moaning in pain as men with medical gloves slap his face and attempt to give him CPR – despite his being conscious.

‘Where are you from?’, they ask. ‘What’s your name, your name!?’

Throughout the man appears confused as he tries to answer their questions.

'How old are you? 31? 30?' one man asks. 

All three 3 wounded tourists, reportedly 2 Austrians and a Swede, were taken to hospital, where one was treated and discharged, the security statement said. 

A member of the hotel's management staff who witnessed the incident told AP that said the attackers sneaked into the Bella Vista from a hotel next door, accessing the facility from the beach.

The slain attacker, he said, appeared to want to take a female tourist hostage, dragging her into the hotel's lobby with his knife held against her neck when he was shot dead by a policeman.

The attack came just hours after the local affiliate of the Islamic State claimed responsibility for an attack a day earlier on a hotel in Cairo near the Giza Pyramids. No one was hurt in the Thursday attack.

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