Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Disturbing photos & video: woman puts cane in the anus of her stepchildren, slams them on the wall, drag them by the hair…

This is perhaps the cruelest video you will ever lay your eyes on. Sometimes I wonder what happened to our humanity. The ‘agbaya’ in the video is a Turkish woman and a stepmother to the two children (a male and a female) she assaulted in the video. You will see her slam the children on the floor, put a cane in their anus, drag them by the hair and even wrestle them on the floor. I cannot begin to describe the extent of the inhumanity.

Her husband after seeing some scars on the children decided to put a camera in the home. The result is what you see here. She has been sentenced to 46-years-old in prison but people are protesting that she should be hanged instead. Like I said, you’ve never seen anything like this. See photos and video below;

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  1. I saw this video. It broke my heart. Poor kids. Imagine what's going on on homes that can't afford a camera or are even unaware of their kids welfare.