Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Devout Christian grandmother of Nigeria’s ISIS 'jihadi junior' devastated over youngster's appearance in ISIS video

Devastated grandmother of ISIS child soldier dubbed 'jihadi junior' says she 'can't deal' with said she 'can't deal' with what has happened to her grandson after he featured in a sickening ISIS video. Victoria, a devout Christian revealed she hasn't seen lsa for 3 years since she dropped him and her Muslim convert daughter Grace off at the airport 3 years ago, believing they were going for a short holiday in Egypt or Turkey.  But having seen the harrowing video in which Isa, now four, was paraded in military fatigues and an ISIS propaganda bandana, she said she believed it was him.

Grace's father at Channel 4

Victoria, who moved to London from Nigeria 28 years ago, told of her despair about the behaviour of her daughter Grace, now 24, who changed her name to 'Khadija' after converting to Islam.She told the BBC's One Show:

'She was born here and she grew up here until everything fell apart. Her name is Grace. I don't know where they've got all these names.She changed her name to Khadija when she became Muslim. I still call her Grace', she said.
Grace now Khadija

Victoria however said she would still take back Grace, who is understood to have had another child since leaving Britain, and Isa, adding:

'I feel very unhappy because I miss them a lot.That joy was taken away from me which is really devastating'
Jihadi Junior

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