Saturday, 2 January 2016

Adaeze Yobo slam fan who questioned why she is given out her old items instead of new ones

Some people sha can look for trouble. Few days ago, former beauty queen Adaeze Yobo announced on instagram that she wants to give away her Louboutin bags and his/hers shoes to mark her 6th wedding anniversary. Some trouble maker fans decided to rip her apart for not given out new pairs instead… albeit she explained she had only worn the shoe twice and her husband has worn his just one. She  decided to finally reply the trouble maker fans. Read below;

For a "teeny-weeny" few (some disrespectful ones I blocked included) asking why I cant buy new shoes to give out instead of giving out 2nd hand. Firstly, i owe you no explanation but I'll humble myself to your level of reasoning since I'm already used to that, as I have a 5 year old who constantly asks me questions like, "mummy, whr does rain come from?" Now, doing the giveaway out of excitement. (6 years W.A/Newyear). The first time I wore the shoe was the day I took that pic which was only cos I wanted to take a pic 😂 2nd time was on my 5th W.A dinner. (I was pregnant/nursing the whole of 2015😂), so I Cldnt wear any C.L pigalle cos they're so uncomfortable. Any way, I told my hubby i was giving it out so he said I cld take his own too (which only wore once) cos it wld be nice for a "couple".
It was my anniversary eve so I thought It wld mean more to me if I gave it out to a married couple. For the ones that said i have too many rules. Bihhh! Whr? J.k😁
Rule 1) hashtag?- to be able to view the pages of who are interested, at my convenience so I can make my choice
2) the caption?- was to have fun doing it so if you don't win atleast I got to know you and what yu think of me.☺
              3)tag 3 friends?- was so I'll be sure it got to a married couple.
              4)*must be same size as "us" cos... (common sense)

*lagos only cos... "ike adirom"😏 (so pls what is the rule here biko?). *sigh* even jellof rice can't make every one happy😞 By Gods special grace next time I'll be sharing new C.L shoes straight from paris like recharge card🙌🙌 be patient. 🙏

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