Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Cop shoots dead mother of 3 while trying to shoot the family's dog

Burlington Police Officer Jesse Hill was responding to a domestic dispute on January 6, 2015, when he said he slipped and shot dead mother of 3, Autumn Steele, in front of her son while aiming for her pet. Body cam footage shows the cop arriving at the Burlington home, in Iowa, where Steele, 34, was in a heated row with her husband Gabriel.


The 12-second clip shows Steele running after Gabrielle while a dog is heard growling in the background. Hill orders her to 'Get your dog!' before letting off two shots as the camera angle suddenly skywards as he slips.

Out of camera shot, Steele was heard to cry out. She was rushed to hospital but died of a gunshot wound to her stomach. Hill later explained that he had been attempting to shoot the German Shepherd, which he claimed had tried to bite him, but had slipped and shot the woman instead.

the deceased is survived by her husband, Gabriel, two sons, Gunner Steele and Kai Schoff, and step-son, Devin Steele.

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