Sunday, 8 November 2015

Meet 84-year-old first Miss Nigeria, Grace Atinuke Oyelude

Grace Atinuke was born November 16, 1931. She contested and won the first Miss Nigeria pageant in the year 1957. Miss Nigeria commenced in 1957 as a photo contest. Contestants posted photographs of themselves to the Daily Times headquarters in Lagos where finalists were shortlisted. Successful finalists were afterwards invited to compete in the live final at the Lagos Island Club. At that time, the Miss Nigeria contest did not include a swimsuit competition.

Oyelude was working at United African Company (UAC) when she represented the then Northern region. After winning the contest, she travelled to England where she studied Nursing. Within months of gaining admission to the School of Nursing, Ashford Kent England, she was crowned Miss Nigeria. She is married with children. 

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