Saturday, 28 November 2015

Man shares his hilarious encounter with D’banj at Enugu Airport

The man, D-one Ayeekoto, shared his hilarious encounter with D’banj at Enugu airport yesterday. Don’t know how true this is. Read his full post below;

“At Enugu Airport yesterday, after I had checked in and went to take a cup of coffee and water inside a restaurant. I had no choice since Arik had delayed our Abuja flight.
As I was taken my N200 coffee majestically and as if I am the owner of the airport, I felt the presence of someone at my back. I looked back, it was Dbanj in Agbada with no cap but with a big neck chain to match, in company of 2 other guys. I stood up and greeted him, he took a selfie and I also did and then he went to take a seat elsewhere, had a similar thing to what I took with some liitle baked things.
Arik delayed us for one hour and eventually announced boarding thereafter. Once again, I walked majestically to the economy class while Dbanj had his seat at the business class. I was lucky to sit in the next seat after Business class seats. The air hostesses were all over Dbanj, even took him to the the pilot.......Ori mi wu but what will I do? E no easy to be a star. I no even get good voice, my voice be like masquerade own!!!
But I no jealous at all. Dbanj was so humble and too friendly. He simplified it for everyone, making everybody to feel important. However, one Igbo woman sat with me, she was complaining and feeling uncomfortable. "Who is he, is he Michael Jackson??" LOL.
Immediately we landed(35mins journey), the woman stood up quickly and went to Dbanj....she asked him "are u dbanj?" "Yes ma, good day ma.." he replied.
Then the woman went wild...shouting "Dbanj Dbanj, how could you greet me like that, my last born is older than you if you don't know."....the hostesses tried to caution her......then dbanj looked back, saw a space, and prostrated for her, "madam I'm very sorry ma, I don't mean to be rude.".....
Do you know that the woman was still raking..."are u not Yoruba? Yorubas are very respectful and cultured, they don't talk to people anyhow, you don't greet me like that, you know who I am?" "What do you want from me ma, I said I'm sorry".....Dbanj said and quickly departed, the woman wanted to go but the hostesses politely told her that it is not time for economy class departure.
Then the woman looked for for trouble once more......she looked at me and I looked at her, she saw anger in my face..... "and what's wrong with you?", "I just dey pity you madam.." I said.
"Pity who? You don't insult me because you will regret if you do. Just try it."she said. " I will make sure you don't sleep with your family this weekend...If you are not locked up throughout this weekend....." I threatened(shakara). The woman kept quiet, a lot of people were giving me encouraging face.
Now inside the airport bus taking us to departure lounge..... she was just looking at me, not knowing what will happen.
Nothing happened eventually, I helplessly let go. But really, she almost made Dbanj feel bad. May God save us from such people.
No wonder airlines separate economy from business class.”

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