Thursday, 26 November 2015

Killer who murdered his mum & hid her body gets life sentence

Ross Taggart, 31, has been given a life sentence with a minimum term of 18 years for battering and throttling his mother Carol-Anne, 54. The father of one reported Carol-Anne, missing in December last year. He claimed she had stormed out of their home after an argument. But before going to the police, Taggart went to the home of a woman he’d contacted on dating website Plenty of Fish for casual sex.

In the days following Carol-Anne’s disappearance, Taggart, treated himself to a night out in Edinburgh using his mother’s credit card. He bought cocktails and a meal and went to the cinema to see The Hunger Games. Days later, he pawned jewellery which belonged to his mum – raising the police’s suspicion he had been involved in her disappearance.

Taggart, who had dumped her body at Pettycur Caravan Park in Kinghorn, where she had a caravan, even posted appeals online for information about his “missing” mother. Carol-Anne’s body was found by police on January 11.  But after Carol-Anne’s body was found, it was established she had been subjected to a significant level of violence and as a result of the evidence gathered during police inquiries, Ross Taggart was quickly arrested.

While sentencing Taggard, the judge said;

 “Ross Taggart, you have been convicted by the unanimous verdict of the jury of the terrible crime of the murder of your mother, a woman who did a great deal, indeed probably too much, for you in the course of her life. In the course of an argument on December 21 or 22 last year you caused her head injuries and throttled her to death. You thereafter embarked on a calculated course of deceit by reporting her as missing to the police and persistently lying about your actions.

“Within hours of having taken your mother’s life you accessed a dating website on the internet and arranged for later that day a casual sexual encounter with a woman previously unknown to you. You wrapped your mother’s body in linen from the house and caravan she owned, tied together with twine from your bedroom in the caravan, and placed it in the void under the wooden stairway to a nearby caravan, where it was discovered by the police on January 11 this year.

You have shown no regret or remorse and continued to deny your involvement before the jury in the face of overwhelming and unanswerable evidence against you. Your response to the evidence against you was at times ludicrous. How you have lived with your conscience since you murdered your mother, I do not know.”

Carol-Anne’s blood was found at her home and at the caravan along with signs of a clean-up effort.Blood was found on one of Taggart’s trainers, which had been bought for him on a birthday trip to New York paid for by his mum. He tried to explain the blood at the caravan by claiming his mother suffered nose bleeds.

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